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Hyperspace Dogfights is a jet-fighter roguelike in which you demilitarize planets by blowing up their entire combined armed forces,-
in front of a never ending nova-sunset.

Outboost your enemies, hyperspace-dodge through dangers, or escape into the clouds when things get too hairy.

Make your dogfighter stronger and weirder by gathering various passive and active items. Use a wide variety of jet weapons against your opponent.

Dogfight with zone specifi enemy types. Confront screen-filling bosses and highly skilled ace pilots.

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What do I do in Hyperspace Dogfights?
You fly around in a 2d environment and blow up a lots of things.
In between enemy waves you get  tons of items that modify your jet in various ways.
It's an item based air-combat rogue-like essentially.

What platform does Hyperspace Dogfights  run on?
Window PC and Linux.

Where can I buy Hyperspace Dogfights?
Hyperspace Dogfights is available on steam and

I'm the press!
Cool! Presskit!
You can DM me on twitter for press keys or request one through