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Hyperspace Dogfights is a jet-fighter roguelike in which you demilitarize planets by blowing up their entire combined armed forces,-
in front of a never ending nova-sunset.

Outboost your enemies, hyperspace-dodge through dangers, or escape into the clouds when things get too hairy.

Make your dogfighter stronger and weirder by gathering various passive and active items. Use a wide variety of jet weapons against your opponent.

Dogfight with zone specifi enemy types. Confront screen-filling bosses and highly skilled ace pilots.

  1. Aerial Melee
    Aerial Melee
  2. Ground Targets
    Ground Targets
  3. Carrier Boss
    Carrier Boss
  4. Sim Tutorial
    Sim Tutorial
  5. Loot
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What do I do in Hyperspace Dogfights?
You fly around in a 2d environment and blow up a lots of things.
In between enemy waves you get  tons of items that modify your jet in various ways.
It's an item based air-combat rogue-like essentially.

What platform does Hyperspace Dogfights  run on?
Window PC and Linux.

When will Hyperspace Dogfights get a full release?
Hyperspace Dogfights will release on 14.05.2018.

Where can I buy Hyperspace Dogfights?
Hyperspace Dogfights is available on steam and

I'm looking into releasing on Kartridge next.

I'm the press!
Cool! Presskit!
You can DM me on twitter for press keys or request one through